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Mature Believers Discipleship Plan

Every single person is on a spiritual journey.  At Acts 433 Church our mission is to help people uncover the boundless love of God through Jesus Christ, while nurturing believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We've crafted a discipleship program designed to meet individuals precisely where they are on their spiritual path, offering support and encouragement as they journey towards spiritual growth. Below, you'll find a curated list of recommended books for mature believers, along with brief synopses of each. The starting book is the same for seekers/new believers and mature believers as it is a foundational resource for spiritual growth and should be referenced throughout the discipleship program.

overflowing grace cover.jpg

Book #1: Overflowing Grace

"Overflowing Grace" serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their faith, experience the transformative power of God's grace, and live a purposeful life in Christ. Dr. Matthew Webster's insightful teachings, combined with practical application, provide readers with a roadmap to unleash their divine inheritance and unveil the new, empowered version of themselves. This book serves as a perfect individual or group study.

Heavenly Conversations book cover.jpg

Book #2: Heavenly Conversations

Heavenly Conversations extends an invitation to embark on a journey that unfolds within the tender embrace of the Creator and His communication with us. As the chapters unfold, you will traverse landscapes of communion with God and fortified prayer. You will learn to grasp the nuances of the Father's will, to trust the purpose interwoven into moments of serene contemplation, and to harness the profound power of gratitude as a bridge to deeper intimacy.  Your journey of faith is an ongoing dialogue, a conversation where your yearning meets the Father's gentle response. Through dreams, He imparts His guidance; through visions, He unfurls His design; and every day, He offers to guide you and give you wisdom. The pilgrimage through a life of faith introduces the wrestling of sincere souls, the bridge-building of intercession, and the lighthearted exchanges that reveal the Father's joyful countenance. Heavenly Conversations beckons you to enter the sacred art of listening, to attune not just your ears but your entire being to the Father’s voice. Every word spoken by God throughout the ages is a sacred note conveying His good purposes for you in Christ.

footsteps cover.jpg

Book #3: Following the Footsteps of Jesus

Embark on a remarkable journey through the heartland of history, spirituality, and faith with "Following the Footsteps of Jesus: An Epic Expedition through the Holy Land" by Dr. Matthew Webster. This meticulously crafted guide takes you on an awe-inspiring odyssey, tracing the footsteps of Jesus Christ through the sacred landscapes of Judea, Galilee, Perea, Syro-Phoenicia, Decapolis, and Samaria.
Richly illustrated with maps, photographs, and historical insights, "Following the Footsteps of Jesus" is more than a travelogue—it's a spiritual pilgrimage, inviting readers to deepen their connection to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Whether you're a seasoned traveler, a devout pilgrim, or an armchair explorer, this captivating book offers an unforgettable expedition through the timeless landscapes of the Holy Land. Embark on this epic journey and rediscover the profound meaning of faith, hope, and divine love.

renew mind cover.jpg

Book #4: How to Renew Your Mind

In "How to Renew Your Mind and Receive Total Well-Being of Body, Mind, and Spirit," Dr. Matthew Webster presents a comprehensive guide to achieving total well-being through the renewal of the mind. Drawing from Biblical insights, scientific principles of neuroplasticity, and practical exercises, this book offers a transformative journey toward emotional, spiritual, and physical health.
With insightful reflections, practical exercises, and group discussion questions at the end of each chapter, "How to Renew Your Mind and Receive Total Well-Being of Body, Mind, and Spirit" offers readers a holistic approach to achieving well-being. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, emotional resilience, or physical health, this book provides the tools and guidance to renew your mind and experience total well-being.

making disciples book cover.webp

Book #5: Making Disciples

Every believer in Jesus Christ, has an important mission to go into the world and make disciples. The question is, "how are we supposed to do this?" Should the way that I "make disciples" vary from the way others do it? In Making Disciples through Sharing the Good News, Dr. Matthew Webster takes you on a journey of discovering how we might effectively and enthusiastically be involved in sharing the good news so that others might grow in their faith. This book guides you through many Biblical examples and current stories to reveal the way God builds His Kingdom through His people.

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