Our 78 Week (12 Course) Discipleship Program is Free to Take!!!

The Acts 433 Discipleship Program is Valued at $1188 ($99 a course). We offer the courses free of charge because we believe the Lord will continue to bless our Kingdom building endeavors. The following 9 e-books or paperback books (your choice) will need to be ordered to be used to complete the coursework. Grand total of 9 e-books is only $35.91.

         Here are the 9 Coursework Books You Will Need to Order

  • Saturated with the Savior: Equipping Saints to Service

  • How to Study the Bible & Discover the Beauty of God's Word

  • Church Membership: God's Good Purpose Fulfilled in You

  • Grace Fueled Gospel

  • 1,2,3 John: A Bible Study of Love

  • Philippians: A Bible Study of Joy

  • Words of Grace Volume 1: A Daily Devotion to Feed Your Soul

  • Words of Grace Volume 2: A Daily Devotion to Feed Your Soul

  • The Seven Blessings of Revelation

  • All of these books are available on Amazon and can be ordered here

  • After you have ordered your textbooks- email me and I will give you the access code to begin your first course.

You can watch any of the Award Wining Words of Grace Bible Study TV Show for free online Click Here .

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Your donations make it possible to offer free Bible Study and pastoral training in order to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to people everywhere.

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Church Planting

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Acts 433 plants churches around the world through training pastors how to rightly divide the Word of God. As pastors grow in the grace of Jesus Christ they are empowered to effectively share the Gospel in their communities.

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Acts 433 Online Church Planting is not your regular church, they are unique in that they recognize and focus primarily on equipping saints around the world with how to teach the grace of Jesus Christ and they do this through starting church plants. Acts 433 Church’s amazing new online ministry offers free bible study teachings, church planting resources and trainings that have been instrumental in training believers in New Covenant living in and is turn reaching many for Christ, setting people free.

The message every morning at Acts 433 Church is tailored to both believers and non-believers alike to see how wonderful the Son of God and Savior of the World Jesus Christ truly is. Acts 433 Online Church has been rapidly growing as a church online by forming micro churches . Online church service, Church online, Online church, and discipleship program.

Church planting and How to start a micro church begins with What is the Gospel? What is salvation? What is the church? What is a Christian? are all important questions to answer in the free Bible Study

The free Bible study Acts 433 Church offers helps believers grow during the week and be prepared to receive even more grace as they sit at the feet of Jesus and receive the Word of God from the weekly message.  Rev. Dr. Matthew Webster offers individualized training to church plant leaders. Church plants done through the creation of micro churches proves to be a quick and effective way of spreading the Gospel.

 Rev. Dr. Matthew Webster founded Acts 433 Church with the help of thirty individuals. The name for the online church came from the verse in Acts 433 which painted a beautiful picture of the church body in action as a result of the grace they all received. "With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God's grace was so powerfully at work in them all."

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