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 Passover Seder Meal Participants Guide

Step 1) Purchase a copy of "Grace at the Table" Step 2) Make sure to get some simple food supplies that accompany your Seder meal
Step 3) Watch our Livestream Seder Meal on Sunday, April 13th @ 10 am E.S.T. 
or watch the recording anytime afterward.

"Grace at the Table" serves as your "Haggadah" to guide you through the Seder meal. You will want to have one book for each person that you are having the Seder meal with.

Seder Meal Food Supplies For Your Individual Plate


Charoset Recipe


Beitzah Recipe

Matzah Bread


Zeroa Lamb

shank Bone

Lamb sHANK.jpg

Karpas (Parsley)

OIP (44).jpg
OIP (45).jpg

Chazeret additional

Bitter Herb (Romaine)

Maror (Horseradish)

R (27).jpg

Grape Juice or Kosher Red Wine



If you plan to host a Passover Seder Meal in your home here are some possible supplies you might need.

Seder Meal Hosting Supplies

4 Kiddush Cups with plates

4 wine cups.jpg

Search on Amazon for “Kiddush cup and plate” (Choose the design that appeals to you the most. Prices usually range from $18 to $36 or higher per cup and plate). You can find it by clicking here

Elijah cup.jpg

Seder Plate

Search on Amazon for “Traditional Seder Plate”

(Select whichever design you like best). The one pictured cost $14.99. You can find it by clicking here

Seder Plate.jpg

Elijah Cup

Browse Amazon for the “Elijah cup” (Choose the design that suits you). You’ll discover handcrafted Elijah cups originating from the Holy Land. The featured one is priced at $22.98 on Amazon. Click Here

Taper Candles

We had a large Seder meal gathering with more than one table so we purchased an eight-pack to place one blue and one white cable at each table. We’ve opted for 12-inch taper candles. The eight-pack displayed on Amazon is priced at $15.99. Click Here. Taper candles can also be found at arts and crafts stores, as well as other home goods stores.


Candlestick holders

We chose to order multiple three-packs on Amazon for $14.99 to accommodate the multiple tables we have for our Seder Meal celebration. Click Here. To hold the taper candles firmly in place we used saran wrap on the bottom of the taper candle.

Matzah Tray.jpg

Search on Amazon for “Matzo plate”. The one pictured is non tarnish hammered and angled rim. This retails for $16.99 (Click Here) but you could choose to use any tray that you would like to place the Matzah bread on.

Matzah Bread Tray

Matzo Holder.jpg

Matzo Holder and Afikomen Set

This set is useful for hiding the Afikomen for the children to later find and also to place the Matzah bread in during service. You could choose to use a ziplock bag or something similar. This set can be found by searching “Matzo Holder & Afikoman Set” on Amazon and retails for $23.99 Click Here

Lamb sHANK.jpg

Lamb shank Bone

 One seven-inch bone can be found on Amazon for $9.49. You might be able to find one cheaper at a pet store or perhaps at a butcher shop. Click Here

Seder Plate Set.jpg

Seder Plate Set

 For easy cleanup after the Seder Meal, consider opting for themed paper plates, napkins, cups, and name tags. Alternatively, you can use your preferred choice of plates. Search on Amazon for “Seder plate set” and you will find this set of 24 for around $20. Click Here

Other Optional Items

Other optional items are listed in the Haggadah book "Grace at the Table" Click Here

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