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After delving into several of our discipleship books and perhaps joining us for worship via our livestream services, you might be interested in joining Acts 433 Church as a member. If you're considering this, we invite you to engage with a study we offer called "Church Membership: God's Good Purpose Fulfilled in You." Whether or not you ultimately join our church family, this study will guide you through the fundamental knowledge every church member should possess, equipping you to thrive wherever the Lord leads you to serve, even if it's within another community of believers.

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Book: Church Membership

"Church Membership: God’s Good Purpose Fulfilled in You" is a comprehensive guide that explores the essence of church membership within the context of Acts 433 Church. The book begins with a prologue that provides an overview of Acts 433 Church, setting the stage for understanding its core principles.

Chapter 1 delves into the fundamental question of the church's purpose, elucidating its significance in the lives of believers and the community at large. Chapter 2 challenges conventional perspectives on tithing, offering a fresh perspective on financial stewardship within the church. Chapter 3 explores discipleship within the realm of ministry, emphasizing the importance of active engagement and service within the church body. Chapter 4 highlights the transformative power of personal testimonies, illustrating how sharing one's story can profoundly impact others. In Chapter 5, the focus shifts to the sacraments of baptism and communion, as well as the significance of membership within the church community. This chapter provides insights into the spiritual significance of these rituals and their role in fostering a sense of belonging and commitment. The appendices offer practical resources for readers, including guidance on discovering spiritual gifts, identifying ministry opportunities, and understanding Acts 433 Church's core values and beliefs. Additionally, Appendix C provides a background check authorization form, reflecting the church's commitment to accountability and integrity.

Overall, "Church Membership: God’s Good Purpose Fulfilled in You" serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of church membership and its role in fulfilling God's purpose in their lives. Through insightful reflections, practical guidance, and theological insights, the book empowers readers to engage meaningfully in the life of the church and embrace their role as active participants in God's redemptive work.

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Book: Heaven Come Down

"Heaven Come Down: Living as Citizens of Heaven Today" by Dr. Matthew Webster is a transformative exploration of the Christian's journey towards understanding and embodying their citizenship in heaven while living on earth. 

Beginning with "The Valley," the book navigates through various stages of spiritual growth, starting with the realization of life's challenges and struggles. "Welcome To Paradise (You Died)" and "With Jesus In Paradise" guide readers through the profound transformation that occurs through faith in Christ, leading to a deeper understanding of one's identity and purpose. 

"Raptured to Attend the Marriage Feast" and "Heaven on Earth" offer glimpses into the eternal promises of God and the anticipation of experiencing heavenly realities in the present. Dr. Webster then delves into the practical implications of heavenly citizenship in chapters such as "What Does it Mean For Us Today to Be Citizens of Heaven" and "On Earth as it is in Heaven," urging readers to live out their faith in tangible ways.

In "Every Spiritual Blessing is Yours" and "Set Your Hearts/Minds On Things Above," he emphasizes the abundant blessings and spiritual riches available to believers who align their lives with heavenly values. The book concludes with "Longing To Go Home," echoing the Christian's ultimate longing for the full realization of their heavenly citizenship.

Through biblical insights, personal anecdotes, and practical guidance, "Heaven Come Down" inspires readers to embrace their identity as citizens of heaven and to live out their faith with purpose, joy, and anticipation of the glorious future awaiting them.

Book: Seven Blessings of Revelation

"The Seven Blessings of Revelation" by Dr. Matthew Webster is a profound exploration of the blessings found within the book of Revelation, offering spiritual insights and guidance for believers. 

The book begins with "Blessing #1: Revelation is A Blessing to Read," emphasizing the importance of engaging with the prophetic text of Revelation. Dr. Webster highlights Revelation 1:3, which promises a blessing to those who read, hear, and keep the words of this prophecy. He connects this blessing to the assurance of the Church's rapture, instilling hope and encouragement in readers.

"Blessing #2 & 3: Blessed to Die in the Lord" and "Blessed are the Prepared" delve into the blessings awaiting those who die in the Lord, the people who are spiritually prepared for the coming tribulations. Drawing from Revelation 14:13 and 16:15, Dr. Webster underscores the significance of faith and readiness in facing end-time challenges.

Next, "Blessing #4 & 5: Blessed Are those at the Wedding of the Lamb" and "Blessed Are the First Resurrected" explore the rewards awaiting believers who participate in the marriage feast of the Lamb and experience the first Resurrection. These blessings, rooted in Revelation 19:9 and 20:6, depict the glorious culmination of God's redemptive plan for His people.

"Blessing #6: Cash in on the Blessings" emphasizes the importance of carefully observing the revelations presented in the book of Revelation. Dr. Webster connects this blessing to Revelation 22:7, urging readers to heed the warnings and promises contained within the text.

Finally, "Blessing #7: Who May Enter into Heaven?" focuses on the ultimate blessing of entering Heaven, symbolized by those whose robes are washed clean. 

Through Biblical exposition, practical application, and spiritual encouragement, "The Seven Blessings of Revelation" equips readers to navigate the challenges of the end times with faith, hope, and confidence in God's promises.


Book: The 19 Spiritual Gifts

"The 19 Spiritual Gifts of the Body of Christ" by Dr. Matthew Webster is a comprehensive guide to understanding and activating the diverse spiritual gifts bestowed upon believers by the Holy Spirit. In Chapter 1, Dr. Webster lays the foundation by outlining key truths about spiritual gifts, emphasizing their significance in edifying the Body of Christ and advancing God's kingdom on earth. Chapter 2 delves into the gift of leadership and shepherding, commonly associated with pastors, highlighting the importance of guiding and nurturing believers within the church community. Chapter 3 explores the gifts of administration, guidance, and service, often manifested through individuals who provide practical support and assistance to others in various capacities. Chapter 4 examines the prophetic gifts, including prophecy, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues, shedding light on their role in conveying divine messages and edifying the church body. In Chapter 5, Dr. Webster discusses the gifts of wisdom and knowledge, which enable believers to impart divine insights and understanding to others. Chapter 6 focuses on discernment and teaching, essential gifts that equip believers to distinguish truth from error and effectively communicate God's Word. Chapter 7 explores the gifts of faith, miracles, and healing, emphasizing their supernatural nature and their demonstration of God's power and compassion. Chapter 8 addresses the gifts of evangelism, apostleship, and encouragement, highlighting their role in proclaiming the Gospel, establishing new believers, and uplifting the church community. Finally, Chapter 9 examines the gifts of mercy and giving, emphasizing the importance of compassion and generosity in demonstrating Christ's love to others. The book also includes practical resources such as a Spiritual Gifts Partial Assessment Guide and a Glossary of Spiritual Gifts with Definitions, enabling readers to identify and understand their unique spiritual gifts and how they can be used to serve others and glorify God. Through Biblical insights, personal anecdotes, and practical guidance, "The 19 Spiritual Gifts of the Body of Christ" equips believers to discover, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts for the building up of the church and the advancement of God's Kingdom.

"The Evolution of Worship: From the Garden to the Gates of Heaven" by Dr. Matthew Webster traces the journey of worship from its inception in the Garden of Eden to its ultimate fulfillment in heaven. 

In Chapter 1, Dr. Webster explores the foundational reason for worship, emphasizing humanity's status as God's creation and the restoration of fellowship with Him through Christ.

Chapter 2 delves into the various expressions of worship seen throughout the Old Testament, highlighting the diverse forms and practices that characterized worship in ancient Israel.

Chapter 3 examines the transformative shift in worship brought about by the New Testament, emphasizing the importance of worshiping in spirit and truth as taught by Jesus.

Chapter 4 focuses on the life of worship, encouraging believers to cultivate a spirit of rejoicing and gratitude in all circumstances.

Chapter 5 explores the factors that fuel our worship, including the work of the Holy Spirit, the revelation of God's Word, and personal devotion.

Chapter 6 discusses the profound impact of worship on the believer's life, emphasizing its role in shaping character, fostering intimacy with God, and influencing the world around us.

Finally, Chapter 7 looks ahead to the future of worship, envisioning its culmination in the eternal worship of God in heaven.

Through Biblical insights, historical analysis, and practical wisdom, "The Evolution of Worship" provides a comprehensive understanding of worship's significance and trajectory, inspiring readers to deepen their worship experience and anticipate its ultimate fulfillment in the presence of God for eternity.

Book: The Evolution of Worship

How to Study the Bible cover.jpg

"How to Study the Bible & Discover the Beauty of God’s Word" by Dr. Matthew Webster is a practical guide designed to equip readers with effective methods for studying and understanding Scripture, leading to a deeper appreciation of its beauty and significance.

Part 1, "Observation," focuses on understanding what the passage says. Chapter 1 introduces readers to the fundamentals of observation, encouraging them to remember the ABC’s of studying the Bible. Chapter 2 explores the overarching purpose of Scripture, while Chapter 3 emphasizes the importance of recognizing different literary genres within the Bible.

Part 2, "Interpretation," delves into uncovering the meaning of the passage. Chapter 4 distinguishes between exegesis and eisegesis, guiding readers to approach Scripture with sound interpretive principles. Chapters 5 through 10 provide practical tools for interpretation, including identifying clues within the text, understanding the intended audience, recognizing the significance of the New Covenant, and tracing recurring themes and terms throughout Scripture.

Part 3, "Application," focuses on applying the insights gained from studying Scripture to one's life. Chapter 11 prompts readers to reflect on their identity in Christ, while Chapter 12 explores practical ways to apply the revelations gained from studying Scripture.

Through clear explanations, practical examples, and insightful guidance, "How to Study the Bible & Discover the Beauty of God’s Word" empowers readers to engage with Scripture with depth and understanding, ultimately leading to a transformative encounter with the living Word of God.

Book: How to Study the Bible

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Is God calling you to lead a small group?

Upon choosing a study, a prospective small group leader will engage in weekly coaching sessions with a leader from Acts 433 Church. These coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom video conferencing and aim to adequately prepare them for their role in leading a small group.

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