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Dr. Matthew Webster


Actor Dean Cain

Live a Victorious Life Today!

In this 7-Part Living in Victory Series, you'll discover with Dr. Matthew Webster how to live the abundant life Jesus died to give to you. Allow God’s grace to lift and strengthen you. Experience freedom from worry and fear replaced with God’s perfect love for you. Enjoy resting in God’s presence and receiving Jesus’ finished work so you might have His divine health, wholeness, peace, and joy today!

Sample Audio from Living in Victory

Living in Victory Sample
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Sample  Study Guide Chapter

You Choose which Package is Right For You

The Living in Victory Audio Messages Package

with Dr.Webster

          Your Sadness turned into Joy

·         Freedom Over Worry

·         The Secret of Contentment Part 1

·         The Secret of Contentment Part 2

·         Lifted by Grace Part 1

·         Lifted by Grace Part 2

·      Accessing Every Spiritual Blessing

Living in Victory Audio Messages and E-book Package

Purchase both the audio messages and the Living in Victory e-book. The Living in Victory e-book follows the audio messages. It is a powerful combination to hear the messages and also be able to read and highlight key parts within every chapter for personal growth.

Living in Victory Audio Messages, E-book, &7 Downloadable

Study Guides

 Receive all 3, Audio Messages, E-book, and Study Guides! The study guides enable a deeper study of the series. Study guides are thought-provoking, and highlight key points while making personal reflection in the Word of God easy for all.






Join Dean Cain in Living a Victorious Life Today!

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