Acts 433 Church Teaching Pastors

Rev.Dr. Matthew Webster

Rev. Dr. Matthew Webster is the founding pastor of Acts 433 church and, which God has blessed to become a global ministry. Pastor Matt's vision for the future is to establish micro-churches around the world by training local campus pastors how to teach the Word of God, spreading the Gospel through New Covenant preaching.  Micro-campus leadership training is a three year program with an option for pastoral ordination coursework after campus leader certification is completed. 


Pastor Matthew Webster has published nine books, small group resources for one of the largest churches in America, and has dozens of ministry articles published in magazines and newspapers. Pastor Matt Webster also has helped shape young minds working as a subject matter expert and adjunct professor at Ottawa University.  Matt married his partner in ministry Diane in 2003 and they have three amazing children: Evan, Ava, and Isla.

Pastor Stephen M. Hicks

Pastor Stephen Hicks was ordained on January 1, 2017. He is a gifted communicator and minister to people. Pastor Stephen is a honored military veteran who's life experiences are used to bring forth the Gospel as he teaches every Sunday in some capacity for Acts 433. Pastor Stephen also leads our care ministries- helping to share Christ to those in need and in crisis.