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We have been blessed to see the Gospel reach so many people as a result of God's grace working powerfully in so many people's lives. Acts 433 Church has become a global church with members in different states as well as members and church plants in other countries as well. There are three simple requirements to become a member of Acts 433 Church. Requirement #1 According to our church by-laws the main requirement for membership is that "members shall be all people who have publicly professed Jesus Christ as their Savior." Requirement #2  Church members also shall be in agreement with Acts 433 Church Mission which can be found here. Requirement #3 Potential new members should have taken part in (online or in-person) worship with us for at least a few months so they can discover who we are and what we teach and to allow us to get a chance to know you better too. To get a fuller picture of Acts 433 Church and whether God may be leading you to become a member we highly recommend taking our new member class online.

Before Joining We Ask Potential Members to Take An Online Class

Pastor Matt Webster would like to guide you through a virtual learning experience of what every believer ought to know about the church. You'll discover amazing truths about your God-given calling and eliminate commonly held myths taught in churches for centuries. $12.50-$15 cost to join the class depending on whether you purchase a hardcover or softcover of this book. Once you receive your book send an email to to let us know you are ready to begin the video portion of your study.  Upon completion of the course you will be e-mailed an Acts 433 Church Membership Certificate if you choose to join.

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Members Can Join Services Virtually or Start A Campus Near Them.

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