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# Faith and Healing

Daily Reading: Mark 10:53: “Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.

The longer someone has had a debilitating condition, the harder it can become to believe for the miracle.

A hybrid word from Aramaic bar = "son," and Greek timaios = "honorable."

But I don’t think they are calling this beggar an honorable son- I think the deviation is bar-tim'ai = "son of the unclean," and of the allegorical meaning = the Gentiles or spiritually blind. The message of what people called this man is not only is he blind physically, he is (Bartimaeus) unclean and blind spiritually.

Why would he camp out at Jericho? What you might not know is the Jews were commanded by the Mosaic Law were to treat the blind with compassion and care. (Leviticus 19:14; 27:18). So, it would behoove this man to camp out near Jewish cities and he did (Mark 9:46). He hung out at Jericho.

He is going to leave behind his prime-time curb space/ financial opportunity to trust in what Jesus can do in his life, that it would be so much better (Mark 10:47).

Bartimaeus’ disability has given him the ability to overcome the noise and reach out to the Savior (Mark 9:47). Followers of Jesus have in common, a personal reaction to Jesus, a belief that there is the only one person who can meet our need.

When you are distressed, call upon the name of the Lord- and be filled with courage because He hears you (Mark 10:48-49).

In order to be physically healed (restored sight) you must first be spiritually healed and see Jesus for who He is and believe in what He can do (faith).

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