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 Dr. Matthew Webster Bio

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Dr. Matthew Webster serves as the founding pastor of Acts 433 Church and the online platform, which has been blessed to evolve into a global ministry. Pastor Matt envisions establishing micro-churches worldwide by equipping local campus pastors to teach the Word of God, spreading the Gospel through New Covenant preaching. He provides comprehensive leadership training for micro-churches and offers individual discipleship training as well. With over 30 published books, Pastor Matt actively contributes to sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Matthew Webster holds a B.R.E. (Bachelor of Religious Education) from William Tyndale College, a Masters of Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from West Coast Bible Seminary.

In addition to his pastoral work, Pastor Matthew Webster has hosted the television show "Words of Grace" on the Preach the Word TV Network, authored Sunday School lessons for adults and children at Union Gospel Press, developed small group resources for one of America's largest churches, and contributed numerous ministry articles to magazines and newspapers. He has also impacted young minds as a subject matter expert and adjunct professor at Ottawa University. Matt and his ministry partner, Diane, were married in 2003, and they are blessed with three wonderful children: Evan, Ava, and Isla.

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