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Spiritual Seekers and New Believers Discipleship Plan

Every single person is on a spiritual journey.  At Acts 433 Church our mission is to help people uncover the boundless love of God through Jesus Christ, while nurturing believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We've crafted a discipleship program designed to meet individuals precisely where they are on their spiritual path, offering support and encouragement as they journey towards spiritual growth. Below, you'll find a curated list of recommended books for seekers and new believers, along with brief synopses of each.

overflowing grace cover.jpg

Book #1: Overflowing Grace

"Overflowing Grace" serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their faith, experience the transformative power of God's grace, and live a purposeful life in Christ. Dr. Matthew Webster's insightful teachings, combined with practical application, provide readers with a roadmap to unleash their divine inheritance and unveil the new, empowered version of themselves. This book serves as a perfect individual or group study.

Prodigal New Cover.jpg

Book #2: Prodigal

"Prodigal: The Limitless Love of a Gracious Father" is an extraordinary exploration into the depths of one of the Bible's most beloved parables, masterfully penned by the esteemed Dr. Matthew Webster. In this transformative journey, Dr. Webster dismantles common misconceptions surrounding the Prodigal Son narrative, inviting readers to intimately connect with their own roles in this powerful story. Through riveting storytelling and profound insights, he navigates the wayward journey, paints the emotional canvas of the homecoming, and delves into the struggles of the elder brother. Dr. Webster's expertise and compassionate wisdom shine through as he reveals the keys to living in grace as a restored child of God. "Prodigal" is not just a book; it's an exploration of love and redemption, a guide to rediscovering the boundless love of a life lived in the embrace of our gracious Father.

Living in Victory Artwork.jpg

Book #3: Living in Victory

'Living in Victory' serves as a guide to a more fulfilling and triumphant life. Dr. Webster's personal insights will not only inspire you but also empower you to overcome life's challenges with resilience and grace. Explore the transformative journey of embracing abundance through God's grace, lifting and strengthening you each day. Discover the pathway to freedom from worry, as fear is replaced by God's perfect love. Immerse yourself in the restful embrace of God's presence and embrace the fullness of Jesus' finished work for divine health, wholeness, peace, and joy. This compelling book is an indispensable invitation to embark on a journey towards enduring joy, freedom, and contentment—a life of victory.

25 Questions.jpg

Book #4: Unwrapping the Mystery of Christmas

"Unwrapping the Mystery of Christmas: 25 Questions Answered" aims to answer some of the most common questions people have about Christmas.  This book provides a detailed and insightful look at the significance of Christmas and the events surrounding Jesus' birth. Other topics include why the shepherds were chosen to visit Jesus shortly after HIs birth and how the Magi knew that the Messiah had already been born. What was the star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to Jesus? The symbolism of Jesus being born in a manger and why He was wrapped in swaddling clothes is also explained. This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of this important holiday.

Book #5: The Courage to Hope

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"The Courage to Hope: A Guide to Thrive in Turbulent Times" by Dr. Matthew Webster is a transformative exploration of hope and resilience through Biblical narratives. In Section I, "The Groundwork for Hope," Dr. Webster takes readers on a journey through the lives of key figures such as John, Moses, Abraham, and Ruth, delving into their stories of faith, deliverance, promise, and abundance.

Section II, "Anchored in the Storm with God’s Unfailing Truth," continues the exploration with chapters focused on individuals like Noah, Daniel, Paul and Silas, and Hannah. Each chapter provides insights into navigating challenges, finding victory in adversity, and cultivating joy even in difficult circumstances.

In Section III, "Flourishing in God’s Favor," Dr. Webster examines the lives of Gideon, Joseph, Job, and Barnabas. These narratives showcase themes of freedom, prosperity, restorative grace, and nurturing growth through encouragement in Christ.
"The Courage to Hope" serves as an inspirational resource, encouraging individuals to anchor themselves in the timeless truths found in the stories of faith and resilience from the Bible.

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